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Profusion Essential Beauty Kit

This palette is so beautiful, I own a few of them. I just love them, and the color payoff is amazing. Now, listen, if you don’t like frost or shimming eye shadows, only thing I can say is, these aren’t for you. Every single one of profusion’s palettes has a frost and/or a shimmering texture.
The colors are so bright, pretty and pigmented, like all my other Profusion palettes. I’ve noticed that profusion will have a certain palette with some colors, and will have the same version palette labeled with another number with every colors.
I just try to collect them all. For the price you can’t beat that. I love creating and watching YouTube videos…decided to buy this profusion palette called Essential Beauty Kit, I’ve actually been  looking for it since I’ve seen it on a beauty vlogger’s channel… Forgive me can’t remember her name. Any who, the look she created was stunning and it was achieved using the Profusion Essential kit Palette.
I know I didn’t speak very much about Profusions Blushes, they’re nice as well, they wouldn’t be my go to blushes, I switch between these and Wet ‘n Wild Fergie Center Stage Hollywood Blvd I usually use that one because it’s travel friendly.
I personally find all their palettes to be true to color. The shades are more intense & pop when you use Nyx eye shadow base in white.

Obviously I love Profusion

Lots of colors 
Shimmery/Frost colors
Last all day with primer ( why I have a primer)

All shimmery/frost colors (if you do not like that)
Can be a hard to find palette
Not small purse friendly
Baby powder smell (doesn’t bother me)
Needs a primer
Works much better with a white or colored eye shadow bases (nyx jesp or WNW shimmering eye shadow pencils)

For me the Pros really outweighs the cons.
If you haven’t given Profusion a try, go ahead. I think you’ll find, it’s worth it.❤💄

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