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Profusion 24 Color Palette


What more can one say about Profusion, again they come with a great jewel tone palette that’s out this world (at least to me). With this 24 color palette you get some really cool, bold, bright and pigmented with such intense color and sparkle and shimmer I was really amazed at this palette.


Like their Ultimate Blockbuster 120 Extreme Sheer Eye Color Palette, which has great color payoff and also pigmented. This palette also has some sheerness to them all. You can and will get a  great color payoff when used with a base. I myself use a base with these shadows and the color got more intense than without a base used. That’s great when it comes to this palette.


I did a swatch of all 24 colors and they are awesome!!! I used NYX JESPs as bases for these shades and as you can see, they are truly a vision in all their vibrancy &  glory!


I saw a few more of these palettes at my local beauty supply store and I will be purchasing more. This palette was a gift I won in a contest on Facebook and I must say, since I own a few palettes this makes a nice addition to my collection.
It has a small mirror and applicator. If you like Profusion try out there palettes and see the beauty in these treasures of eye shadows. You can go their website and have a look around and see all the different palettes and kits they have that are reasonable for any makeup lover. Or you can head to your nearest Walgreens and pick you up a palette or kit. Holidays coming,  makes a wonderful gift.

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