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Absolute Cosmetics: Perfect Twelve Colors


I must confess, I’m a makeup junky and I may need some makeup rehab. Now, I got that out the way, let’s talk about the new palettes I found at the bss (beauty supply store). There’s nothing more fun than walking into a bss and go straight for the makeup counter. While my daughter and I doing our trolling through the aisles I came across these cute compact travel friendly palettes from a company called Absolute…the names are Paradise & Electro


These mini compacts are truly inexpensive at $1.99 ea. That’s an awesome deal breaker for me. I only saw these 2 on the the counter and fell in love with their jewel tone shades. As far as the texture, very velvety, buttery to the touch…It has shimmer darlingūüėä.


These palettes are perfect for any makeup collection while giving you excellent staying power. You can¬†see from the colors that they are pigmented and comes in array of fun, bold shades. Let’s take a closer look at both palettes.


¬†Paradise¬†Palette is a nice mixture of spring and some neutrals shades that you can wear anytime.   You have 12, in this case 24  fabulous shades to choose from and you won’t be disappointed.


Electro Palette is more of a bold and edgy kind of palette with great summertime colors. I like to add a bit of color to my summer looks, so this would be that palette to deliver the WOW! factor.


These are the¬†swatches for ¬†Paradise (top) ¬†and¬† Electro (bottom)…both were used ¬†with a¬†base and no primer. As you can see they are bight and bold in shades, I use Nyx’s jesp and Wet nWild’s Idol Eyes cream shadows as bases for these palettes, and I love what I see so far.¬†

I would highly recommend these to anyone whose looking for some fun palettes that’s not heavy on the pockets as well. You’ll really love these palettes and they have more styles & colors to choose from;¬†which are fairly reasonable in price. For a great and cheap price, they are well worth the buy. So, run out to your local beauty supply store and pick yourself up a few. Great¬†inexpensive gift for the makeup enthusiast in your life.ÔĽŅ

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