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MAC Amplified Creme Lipsticks


What woman doesn’t love ❤a smooth silky feel good lipstick 💄…I haven’t came across one yet. Well I got two…MAC’s Amplified Creme Lipsticks and their shades are nice and they feel buttery and creamy on my lips.


MAC Amplified Creme Lipsticks💄 in Fast Play & Party Line comes in
MAC’s classic black packaging and has a faint sweet fragrance to it. The fragrance is not overpowering at all and is hardly detectable on the lips.


Coming on to the lipstick, it has a very creamy formula…glides on the lips like butter. The best thing about the formula is that it actually keeps my 👄lips hydrated. Some creamy lipsticks I’ve tried in the past just sit on top of the lips and dry them out, but this one is different!❤👍💋💄

Fast Play is a very highly pigmented shade with an opaque coverage. The formula has no shimmer in it, just a light sheen. Coming on to the staying power, despite being a very creamy product, it manages to stay on my lips for 5-6 hours with food/drinks in between. This is again pretty awesome because, with this on my lips, I don’t have to worry about retouching my lipstick time and again.

And now on to the shade. MAC describes it as a neutral pink. On my lips, it looks like a muted mauvish pink (with slight brown undertones). The shades does tend to look differently on people and sometimes seems different with change in lighting. So I would suggest you to try it under natural light (and not under the store lights) before you purchase it.

-Very hydrating formula

-Has a slight sheen to it without any shimmer

-Stays on for hours with food and drinks in between

-Creamy formula; glides on the lips like butter

-Sturdy packaging

-Neutral shades; ideal for work or an everyday look

Can’t think of anything except the price!

💄MAC Amplified Creme Lipsticks in Fast Play & Party Line is everything they should be! The shade of the lipsticks are not very unique shades and can easily be found in other drugstore brands. What sets these lipsticks apart is their formula.
They are light, creamy, highly moisturizing, completely opaque and stays on for hours at a stretch. Pretty dupable shades… but certainly one of the best lipstick formulas I’ve tried💋.  I’m completely obsessed with these darlings. 💋❤💄

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