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Hard Candy 12 Hr. Sheer Envy Primer


I am fairly impressed with this primer. I’ve tried other high end brands and they never did anything! I’ve always felt like primers were just a waste and useless. I saw several youtubers using this primer so I decided to try it. It wouldn’t be any kind of loss since it is so cheap. It felt really dry the first time I used it and it slid around my skin when I put my foundation on. Plus at the end of the day my skin was rough and dry (I might have use to too much primer and powder). Then I used a trick I heard from a beauty guru to let it sit on your skin for a minute or 2 before applying anything else. That did the trick. My makeup goes on smooth and the pores on my cheeks and near my nose aren’t as noticeable. They are still there, but not quite as accentuated as they used to be with makeup. I don’t put it under my eyes. I feel like it makes them look dry and patchy when I do that. Otherwise, I use this all over my face and I think it helps my blush, under eye concealer and cream contour stay on longer. It’s not perfect, but it has improved the look of my makeup and staying power.


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