The Liebster Award Nomination


OMG! I’m very speechless right now… I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by Beautylicious Style. This is an excellent way for me and then there bloggers to get exposure to new readers, while promoting their blogs. You just don’t know how humbled, blessed and thankful for this awesome news. A big thank you to Beautylicious Style for the nomination😊
Now, to the exciting part…Q & A

1. What is your favorite season for makeup and why?
💋I don’t have a favorite season for makeup, I have fun exploring different looks and styles for all seasons.

2. What is your favorite makeup / fashion brand? Which brand do you have the most of or do you want to have the most of in your collection?
💋Wow!- this isn’t going to be an easy one, I absolutely love Wet n Wild cosmetics, used that line since my middle school days all the way up to adulthood. Their quality is equal with high end lines like, MAC, Makeup Forever & ELF cosmetics…how can you not love makeup and not love elf. Great products, price and you can find elf in your nearest drug or discount store if you prefer.

3. What are your future plans for your blog?  And How far in advance do you plan? 
💋My plans for my blog is to keep bringing interesting content that I think my readers my want to read about, share a little of my life and make it a great beauty & fashion blog it can. Already making plans for the summer and working on plans to work with beauty companies to showcase their products on my blog. I want my blog to be fun, informative and insightful.

4.  What is/are your favorite Spring time fashion and / or makeup item(s)? 
💋Spring fashion- maxi dresses, wedges and accessories. Makeup- lip gloss, bbcream, mascara, and nail polish.

5. What is the weather in Spring time like in the country where you live in?  What fashion items are must-have items, where you live?
💋I live in the good ol USA, and in Michigan, springtime, it’s all about dresses, shorts and active wear. I prefer skirts, shorts, tanks & maxi dresses.

6.  What activities do you look forward to doing / enjoy doing in the Spring most?
💋I look forward to golfing, yeah- I know, it’s not the most glamorous activity, but it’s soothing. Baking is another pass time that I love to share and do with my family.

7.   Other than blogging, what activities/hobbies do you enjoy most?  This applies to all year round.
💋Baking, reading, shopping, watching my favorite show, crocheting, spending time with my family, creating bath products for friends & family, love writing poetry and makeup.

8.  If you could only use 5 makeup items for your entire face what would they be? 
💋Easy peasy…bbcream, blush, mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss

9.  What do you ALWAYS have with you in your makeup bag in your handbag?  What are your must-have items?
💋I always carry my lip gloss, breath mints, sanitizer, compact. Which would be my must have items.

10.  What is your idea of the ultimate beauty blog?  What should it feature, show/tell it’s readers and what brands are you most interested in? What is most important to you when reading a beauty blog?
💋My idea of the ultimate blog, is one that can be diverse in it’s content, contests, giveaways, content on unknown products, up and coming products. A well rounded blog that has something for everyone.

Hope that you had fun reading this post.  Also, I hope that you got to  know me a little better in the process.  

Good luck to all the new Liebster Award nominees!

Pray you have a glamorous day!💋


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