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Tyra Beauty: Smize Smoky Duo Palette

Igniting my eyes with this awesome smoky palette and Super Smize highlighter from Tyra’s Beauty.

Who doesn’t  love a really great smokey eye? Every girl does…that’s why I had to try this set.

TYRA Beauty’s Smoky Smize palette is an  eyeshadow palette of essential smoky shades formulated with wet/dry technology. Their exclusive See Your Smize Brush ​has a unique angled design, letting you strike up your smolder and light up your smize without losing sight of your eyes. Now you’re eyes have met their match. (Shades l to r… Light ‘Em Up, Blaze, Exhale, Smolder)

Here’s a swatch of the smoky palette. On top doesn’t have a base and the shades are still pigmented with shimmer. Photo on the bottom has a base and the shades are brighter and smoother.

This smoky eyeshadow palette is habit forming.
Make your eyes sparkle with Super Smize! This highlighter is one of Tyra’s best kept secrets to getting the fiercest smize ever. Apply to the inner corners of your eyes  or over your lids and get ready to werk  it. Pair with the TYRA Beauty Smize Palette for a complete  Sexy Smoky Smize.
Super Smize is for lighting up and illuminating your smize – especially with a Smoky Eye look. This Eye Highlighter opens up the eyes and makes them stand out like never before. Super Smize offers a super creamy formula that makes it easy to swipe and blend in seconds. Plastic component sharpens for an extra precise application that doesn’t leave a splintery mess.
You can see this beautiful HypnoTY – Rose gold champagne shade. On the right base…on the left no base.
I’m so in love with this duo and love the look I created.
As you can see, your girl is rocking the Super Smize highlighter. If you haven’t tried the new Tyra Beauty line, find yourself a beautytainer and get started smizing like a super model.

You can go here and start placing your orders or make yourself some money by becoming a Beautytainer.

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