Self Help

Embracing Self-Love


Hello beauties❤

Can we talk…I truly believe that to have a good relationship, one must first have honesty, communication, openness and the ability to show  vulnerability while being humble.

Allow me to share a little of myself with you.

You would never know it, cause I’m always speaking on Self-Love with passion and purpose… you’ll learn this about me over the course of our relationship.


For me, self-love is all the various aspects of ourselves: our thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions, physical body, our self images, etc. cultivating self-love is essential if I ever hope to improve my relationship with myself and the people around me.

I haven’t always loved and valued myself the way I needed or should have… It’s not like I didn’t want to, I never knew how.
Learning how to love myself is the key ingredient for my happiness. Self love is at the very core of my wellbeing, joy, self-empowerment, and our ability to  enjoy the kind of life we want. Even I had everything else in life exactly the way I wanted it, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it I wasn’t at peace with myself.


Besides that, every relationship I ever have with someone else, mirrors exactly one or more aspects of the relationship I have with myself. 

Not knowing how to love yourself can be severely debilitating. At the very least, you’re plagued by indecision and self doubt. I know all about that first hand. In my case I dealt with depression and self hatred, which can cripple you in every area of your life. Self-focused negativity obscures our awareness of our Oneness with Life Force, our connection with all that I knew how to love myself there was an inner mental war going on within that creates the experience of dividing my energy and sabotaging my efforts to enjoy life.

Additionally, if you feel separate from your own love you will attract people and circumstances that mirror your negative beliefs and feelings about yourself. By the Law of Attraction it couldn’t be any other way. We experience the manifestations of what we FEEL and have attention on. So, in order for you to experience loving people and circumstances, you need to know how to love yourself first.


One day I met someone who showed me how to Honor myself while loving on me…and in doing that I found my value priceless.

I fell in love with her the way summer comes. Bringing an anticipated feeling of freedom, a release of pent up cold and frustration. Self love warmed my soul and abandoned my lonely. I am lucky to love her. Not for my vanity, but for our survival.


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