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Santee Artistic Matte Duo Palettes


The best part of makeup shopping is finding hidden treasures tucked away on the counters and in the aisles or endcaps of independent brands that’s starting to become household names. Santee cosmetics is one of those brands that has some really awesome products. Speaking from my own experience with the brand, there are some hits and misses.


Santee cosmetics have some very bold and beautiful eye shadow palettes. Now what caught me attention was, after looking at both palettes I saw that they both had the same shades (checked marked in pink) now the name is a bit misleading, cause most of the shadows textures aren’t all matte, some are shimmering, satin and powdery in texture.
While a few are matte, the name should be just Santee Artistic eye shadows.


Taking a deeper look of palette #1
as you can see everything looks legitimate until you look closer…there’s shimmer, satin and matte shadows together. Let’s take a look at the swatch for palette #1👇


They come to life with a nice eye shadow base, weather it’s white which makes the color pops like cray cray or same color base to enhance the shade more…whichever route you take you will be pleased with the results.


Palette #2 👆 is just as beautiful and you can create tons of awesome eye looks. The shimmer in this palette is very visible, yet surprised that shadows glides on very velvety and buttery. No tugging.


Absolutely beautiful with a base for sure, not a lot of pigment without a base. I guess this is the only reason why I like them cause of the added benefit of color when a base is used. ☺
Bottom line is if your a lover of makeup and find excitement in finding hidden treasures at your local beauty supply store, or discount stores without breaking your budget or bank, I would definitely recommend picking up a few of these palettes. Endless possibilities when creating a look. For $1.99 ea I can’t complain much.


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