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Nicka K. Perfect 6 Colors Eye Shadow Palette


It’s starting to be a habit… trolling the aisles of the beauty supply stores, I can’t just shop at one particular store, not all stores carry the same products or have an large choice or is fully stocked. So, any chance I get to head to the beauty supply store it becomes a scavenger hunt, that’s the fun part of trolling beauty supply makeup aisles.


Question? Have ever heard of this brand? If you said yes, then your are my people…if you haven’t, you’re going to. Nicka K is an upcoming beauty brand which has been featured in black hair magazines such as Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Black Hair. This beauty supply store brand is coming into their own, trust and believe their products are pretty decent to others like: Ruby Kisses, Black Opal and Kleancolor. This palette coated me $2.99


The first four (4) in the palette are shadows and the last two on the right end are blushes, upon looking closely, I can see only one blush which would be a the neon pink. Now looking closely I see that there’s 4 shimmer shades and 2 matte shades. Beautiful neon shades, that gives off a nice soft somewhat colorful effect.


Packaging is cute purse/pocket friendly and also has a flip compartment with a mirror that holds a thin dual end eyeshadow applicator inside.
My opinion, is this is a great palette to buy…it’s affordable, nice colors that you can create great looks. I would strongly add a primer & base to truly get that pop of color. Did find this palette hard to blend the colors together without looking blotchy. Some are powdery while others are on point.


Nicka K shadows are highly-pigmented, this palette just doesn’t measure up. Just a few shades in the Perfect Six palettes are  multi-purpose, but also formulated to beautifully highlight, contour and define. Crease- and fade-resistant which I’m happy to report that I had absolutely no crease or fade.


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