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Nail Genie Professional Nail Machine


I LOVE MY NAIL GENIE!!❤❤❤ Purchased this drill over twenty three years ago when I worked at Sally’s Beauty and doing nails…Miss Betsy still works. She was and still is my first drill.


The new Nail Genie Professional Redesigned💅


I love the new and improved look. After speaking with a few friends who owns the newer one, says the one is much quieter than my old drill. I can still use my old attachments, what an added bonus. The downfall with the new drill is that it’s plastic, unlike my drill.😯
I paid approximately… Ready, for this one…$80.00. Saw online one for $122.00…WOW! I guess times has changed, it’s a good investment if you want your own nail drill machine if your like me, I do my own nails.


This is what the original looks like…as you can see, the body and drill arm on the new improved version is much sleeker and updated.


Honestly, I believe the original is always better than the newer versions. Back in the day- this was the La crème of nail drills. Strong, study and still working after 20 years tells me that I made a good investment in an product that still delivers professional results.


This system includes 5 professional attachments:
💅S-1 Sanding Band Mandrel 💅S-3 Barrel Grinding Stone
💅S-5 Felt Buffer
💅S-9 Pointed Grinding Stone
💅P-1 Pedicure Exfoliator


Also included is the owners manual. Which gives you instructions on usage and storage. Shows you what each attachment is used for and how you an reorder form inside.👇


This lightweight & powerful electric machine designed for acrylic nail application, natural nails, and tips. Two speed/compact convenient accessory holder/hand piece stand.


Nothing like owning something that constantly gives you pleasure and stands strong against it’s newer version. One day I will get the new improve Nail Genie, and compare the two.

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