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E.L.F. Brightening Eye Colors


Hello Queens!

I simply love the ELF brand. I have used their products and have been delightfully surprised by many of them. Today I am reviewing the beautiful eye shadow quads.

These tiny eye shadow quads looks like the size of a matchbox. The lid is plastic, packaging looks cheap and is not of good quality at all, but what do you expect from such a low priced item in my opinion.


Luxe: In this quad you get a yellowy/goldy highlight with little  pigmentation without a base,  a  cranberry like red highly pigmented the other 2 shades are perfect for a natural look. You have a dark and light brown and they are highly pigmented as well. Over all this quad is great.


Ethereal:  This is an everyday quad not as pigmented. Alittle glittery but wearable during the day.


Drama:  This is definitely a highly pigmented quad and made for nights out. I mean pigmented…you literally only need a dab, the sliver has glitter, next is a matte black now this again, highly pigmented and lastly a light gray with sparkles…. perfect for an smokey eye. Highly recommend this… you wont be disappointed ☺


Rocker: In this quad a white shimmery highlight with silver glitter the least pigmented in this quad as I found it hard to swatch this one- even with a base. Nice golden tan, beautiful semi shimmer shade of purple and a charcoal black with silver glitter. Love the shades in this quad. Another perfect quad for a smokey eye.


Ocean Dreams: This quad comes with four lovely blue shades, all of which are shimmery but to different extremes. And honestly, I really think Ocean Dreams is a great name for this quad. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but the lightest blue is super shimmery, borderline glittery, the 2 darker blues are just shimmery, and the 2nd lightest blue has a more satin, less shimmery finish.


Ivy: light lime shade, a dark green, an olive shade with gold shimmer and a taupe shade. Only thing is it’s not hugely pigmented…literally took a minute to get this swatch.


Nymph Dreams: Gold shimmer highlight, a bronze with gold shimmer, teal & a gunmetal with gold shimmer…this quad is powdery so expect fallout. Perfect for spring/summer looks……..highly pigmented ☺ you wont be disappointed with this quad either.


Glam:  This pallet is so sparkly and girlie I had to get it. Love it….this is perfect for a night out on the town, but anytime and where with me.  The darker shades in this quad are definitely the most pigmented but the lighter ones you have to use a bit more to get them to show up. The lighter pink you bearly notice, The black isn’t really the blackest I’ve seen its more dark black grey, still like it. There’s a bit of fall out with this one as well.


Silver lining: Has a pearly white highlight, blue purplelish shade,  charcoal grey shade and a light pink that can be used as a highlight to. All the shadows have a touch of shimmer to them. Both the pigmentation and texture are great on this. It’s smooth, easy to blend, and rich in color.

So girls these quads you either have a love/hate relationship with them…In my opinion they are not going to please everyone.  If you are expecting high quality out of these your going to be disappointed, if you are open minded and don’t expect them to as high quality as some high brand named eye shadows well these are suited for you. There is going to be a few in this bunch that will be disappointing i know that but at the end of the day for the price they do a good job and most of them are perfect for everyday wear.
Hope this review was helpful girls and let me know if you have tried any. Can I  just add that every one of these quads were bought out of my own money 🙂 and that this review is simply my utmost and honest opinion…..I hope its helps you all out when questioning yourself about these 🙂 thanks for reading my review and if your like what you see please click follow 🙂

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