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Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds


Hey, Beauties!

I vividly remember the day this classic iconic fragrance was released, at the mall with my sister and a few friends on a sunny Saturday morning just being girls. Well we headed straight to purfumaina to get our hands on Liz’s diamonds lol. The line was so long that we shopped for 3 hrs before we could actually enter the store, any who, the store was filled with beautiful scents, of jasmine, sandalwood, gardenias, musk from masculine to feminine…it was purfume heaven to us lol.


I remember the sales clerk asking me…”How may I help you?” With a confident and firm sterned reply…”Why, yes you can assist me. I’m here to purchase the Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Set. Thank you.” She looked me straight in my face with a sad and disappointed look on her face and said…”SOLD OUT!” Well, isn’t that just great…sold out of what I came to the mall for.


Wanted to start crying cause I worked and I wanted my gift set…show you how god works, went to Olga’s Kitchen and there sitting behind me was the store clerk-who over heard my bitching and complaining, like how in the hell are they sold out already…that’s b.s. (young, didn’t understand the product in demand) My sweet dickens, the lady sold me one that her coworker put aside and sold it to me for half price. Can you say employee discount😃
This fragrance is my all time classic fragrance that I rock a lot. My husband says it’s my signature scent… I agree.☺


Whew! All that said, I simply adore White Diamonds on it’s own merits. It’s exhilarating, soapy aldehydes and creamy white florals play beautifully against it’s chypre/oakmoss base, for an uplifting and fresh scent that always makes feel special.

I used to feel embarrassed about that. Why would I keep running back to a drugstore that is so often overapplied by it’s users, to the point of fumigating the populace at Walmart and Target and getting itself a terrible reputation? Here’s the deal- NOTHING smells good when it’s overapplied. And WD, being of 1991 vintage, is a Big Perfume that (even in its present EDT iteration) is concentrated and lingering. Two sprays, and a little of the body cream on my forearms, is ENOUGH.

🌸Liz was on top of her game when she created this. Instant classic, and it fits my image as someone who’s unpretentious and casual, yet with my own style. And for those who say “OLD LADY” when they smell it, this one is a pussycat compared to chokers like Youth Dew, Aromatics, Giorgio or Poison. Those of us who’ve sampled other classic/vintage perfumes realize how affable and quiet WD is by comparison. Wearable, cozy, and gentle. Of course, if you’re comparing it to strawberry hand sanitizer or watery body sprays, it does seem “strong.” But even still, I invite you to shed your prejudice and give WD an honest wearing. It’s just so pretty, and a real bargain. I keep going back for more ☺☺


This set includes:
1.7oz. Gentle Moisturizing Body Wash
1.7oz. Perfumed Body Lotion
1oz. Eau de toilette Natural Spray

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