Hungry Girl: Chew the Right Thing Recipe Cards


Good Morning Beauties,

I was sent these recipe cards with my People swag box I received 2 years ago courtesy of Klout and People Magazine.
As a woman who’s trying to eat more healthier and eating more organic foods. When I saw these cards I got curious to know more about Hungry Girl Chew the Right Thing. Going through the cards found some really amazing and delicious recipes that are easy to whip up.


These are great recipes with real ingredients we all have in the pantry – only adapted to have less calories.


Even though the recipes aren’t new, the cards are just fabulous! They are color-coded and colorful and fun and well made; you can wipe them off if you make a spill, and there is a beautiful picture for each recipe. Love that.❤


Easy to make, low calorie recipes. Finally, a program that can work long-term and within reachable achievable goal of weight loss or just maintaining… for us average beauties. Every recipe has tasted great.
These recipe cards I highly recommend if your into low cal, gluten free foods.
Want more information about HG  checkout her website for all the Hungry Girl  products. Don’t forget to sign up for your daily HG news and update.

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