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Sleek Makeup: Divine Acid Palette


I was sent this beautiful Sleek Cosmetics, Acid palette and I was pleasantly surprised with this palette.
The eye shadows have plenty of pigment, are buildable and blendable. I do use my trusted good eyeshadow primer from Too Faced, the shadows have good staying power as in 8hrs. This palette is also a good (and affordable) alternative to Urban Decay’s Electric Pressed Pigment palette. I would definitely recommend this company and this palette. This is the before picture… Checkout the after below👇


This is exactly what I was looking for from the ACID palette, bright  neon colors you will love. I read some other reviews saying the shadows aren’t bright enough and purchased a different color palette.
(my after pic)


If you want some bright, neon shades, you’ll want to try this one. 
Really love all of the colors in this palette. It’s so beautiful.


The neon colors are great for summer. I used a white base underneath them and they popped just beautifully. I am very happy with this palette. These shadows go on so buttery and do not kick up a lot of powder. ☺


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