Diy Apothecary Candle Holders


There’s nothing like going shopping and seeing all the beautiful home décor that I can’t afford right right. Was in Pier One and saw these adorable crystal  apothecary candle holders which costed $69.00…well, need less to say, I didn’t purchase them😥 instead my daughter said, mama, why don’t you make your own. What an great idea.

So I hit the internet looking for ideas on how to make my own apothecary candle holders for a fraction of the retail price. Pintest had so many ideas, that I started pinning. After my research found I had everything needed to create my own, except glue…in this case cement glue for glass.
With new found excitement went straight to work, gather supplies and a feeling of “I can do this”.


Took a couple of old candle holders I has and some candle stick holders, ribbons, glue and my diy creative bug and came up with two beautiful glass apothecary candle holders. It was much easier than originally thought. Super cheap to make, so stylish when completed.

2- empty cylinder candle holders
2- candlesticks holders
2- candles (your choice of fragrance) I have vanilla almond scent
Gorilla glue

If your interested in learning how to create your own follow the directions below and let me know how yours turned out.👇


1. Follow the instructions on the Gorilla glue to secure the top of the candle stick to the bottom center of the jar with the glue.
2. Gorilla glue does expand so try and use only a little glue around the top of the candle stick. Make sure you apply the glue around the middle, not near any of the edges. This will keep the jar looking as clean and authentic as possible.
3. Wait until it dries, then just decide what you want to put in them to decorate with!

I started out using cement glue, which didn’t help with the adhesive, so needed something stronger. Used gorilla glue to do the job.

I was proud of myself for making my very own apothecary candle holders for pennies, and they look stylish and modern. Brings a little luxury feel to any room. Below is my finished results👇


You can find your supplies at your local dollar tree. Gorilla Glue you can find here.
Give me your thoughts on my apothecary candle holders.

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