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Wet n Wild Color Icon 8 Pan Palettes

WetnWild Color Icon 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes Review & Swatches

I remember when these bad boys came out. Saw so many beauty vloggers speaking about them, couldn’t resist myself…I needed to have them. Baby, I remember how hard it was to find these palettes. I had to check all my CVS, Walgreen until I found them in Walmart of all places. I felt relieved to FINALLY found them.😃

These were part of WetnWild’s spring release, which includes new 3 pan eyeshadow palettes, a lash growth serum and new nail polishes. There was some speculation as to whether these items were permanent or limited edition. They are not limited edition


These palettes were all the talk back then…still today too.☺ I have used all these palettes and liked them all. Purchased 6 of the palettes, you see pictured 5 in the photo, forgot to put petal pusher in the picture. Can’t you tell how much usage they get…some more than others. And I have two of the limited edition palettes. Let’s get right into it shall we.


This palette includes eight different eye shadows, and honestly, they seem like two four-pan palettes joined together. All eight shades are coordinating to  complement one other, it seems  the quality of the right side is significantly superior compared to the left side. The one thing I have noticed about Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Color Icon eye shadows…their frosts are well done, the more matte the shade is, the quality becomes lesser, in both pigmentation and in wear.

The left side includes a semi-sheer, silvered white with a frosted finish, medium silvered gray with a frost finish; semi-matte dark black with blue sparkle, and matte black. The black with blue sparkle shade is a little sheer in the black color base, and the blue sparkles either disappear by the time it’s applied or leave a little fall out beneath the eye–the effect of the blue sparkle  doesn’t come through very much (the best thing to do would be to layer over a base and really pack it on, and then you may get better results). The black matte shade is a tad bit chalky and stiff, making it rather unpigmented when I tried to  swatch it.

Wearing Blue Had Me At Hello

Left side consists of a pale, icy blue with a frosted finish, aqua-teal with a golden sheen and frosted finish, rich midnight navy blue with a softened frost finish, and semi-matte black with soft silver sparkle. With these four, I only had issues with the matte black with silver sparkle shade, which took some layering to get the intensity level to match the color in the pan. Like the black with blue sparkle in the right side, the silver sparkle doesn’t translate much when used, so it ends up being more of a semi-matte/matte black. It is more pigmented than the matte black shade on the left, though. Unfortunately, it, too, suffers from some fading after three to four hours of wear. The other three shades are fantastic, with really soft, smooth texture and rich color pay off. The aqua-teal is absolutely gorgeous and bright.


Petal Pusher

Can’t recommend this palette enough. Petal Pusher is an amazing palette especially if you like purples and pinks☺.  Great price and most of the palette is hugely pigmented.  The lasting power of these shadows especially worn over a primer lasts all day long and even into the night. I didn’t find no fading.  

Here is a look I did with the palette. (don’t focus on my dark circles)👇


Shimmer The Night Away

I find that the shades are buttery, long lasting and pigmented. Most shades are unique and they come in a variety of finishes. After seeing videos for this palette I had to get it. While I’m not big on silvers and black, I absolutely love Wet n’ Wilds purples! After hunting it down and finally finding it… I was so disappointed! While the quality is there and the formula is the same, the shades in Shimmer the Night Away exist in other WNW palettes! Every. Single. Shade. If you’re a big WNW lover, there’s no use in having this palette as chances are you already own the exact eyeshadow! 


Brow bone on the left is a shimmery white. It’s in many other WNW palettes including Blue Had Me At Hello (8 pan), Pride (6 Pan), and I’m Feeling Retro (trio)

Eyelid on the left is a midtone shimmer grey. It’s in Blue Had Me at Hello (8 pan) and Spoiled Brat (trio) 

Crease on the left is a black with rainbow sparkles. It’s in Petal Pusher (8 pan) and Greed (6 pan)

Definer on the left is a black with silver sparkles. It’s in many other palettes including Blue Had Me at Hello (8 pan), Spoiled Brat (trio), and Don’t Steal My Thunder (trio). 

Brow bone on the right is a pale lavender pink with an almost gold duo chrome. It’s the sheerest and driest of the bunch. It’s dupe is the eyelid shade in Petal Pusher (8 pan) and the single in Kitten.

Eyelid on the right is a bright pink with a blue duo chrome. It’s also in the I’m Feeling Retro trio.

Crease on the right is a shimmery purple. It’s the same as the single in Glamrock, as well as the Limited Edition Fauna trio. (review on that coming)

Definer on the right is a bright shimmery indigo. It’s the perfect mix of both blue and purple. It’s the same as the single in Stagedive,

I want to let you know that I own each and every one of these shades and swatched every single one of them. They’re not simply close in color, they’re the exact same shade. While occasional repeats are acceptable, I feel that WNW was just lazy with this palette as they simply repackaged other shades. If the convenience of the palette is worth owning multiples of the same shade, or if you don’t own many WNW palettes than it’s definitely worth it- unfortunately for me it wasn’t ): 


Swatches of this palette. Haven’t crested a look yet. Using a white base to make the colors pop and become more vivid.


Comfort Zone


Comfort zone has those warm golden tones with greens, golds, brownish reddish gold tones. The last shadow on the right…is the same shade that’s in  Night Elf…take a look.👇


This palette is amazing! Not just for the price of $4.99 but just in general! You get an array of shimmery neutral and green eye shadows that are all pigmented. There’s a sparkly yellow-ivory color, a beautiful metallic rose gold, a slightly shimmery brown, a really dark brown with red sparkles, a gorgeous metallic green-champagne color, a shimmery medium green, a really dark green with gold sparkles (probably the weakest shade but still decent), and the best shade of the palette is the ever so popular duo chrome shadow with a red-brown base and has blue shimmer in some angles. I loveeee this last shade, it’s ridiculously soft and pigmented. My favorite shades are that one, the green-champagne, and the rose gold because they’re just so metallic and smooth in texture. If you don’t have this and need some shimmery/metallic eyeshadow, I think this palette is the best bang for your buck.
Take a look at the swatch




Fantastic palette and not just by drug store standards. If you like these colors I recommend you give it a try. It’s fantastically good.

Soft, buttery texture
Awesome pigmentation
Super affordable

No mattes but this palette is still super amazing
Packaging could be a little more sturdy

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