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BF Beauty 40 Palette First Edition


I have had and used this palette for so long it’s just been sitting and waiting for me to review. It’s been 6 years since I bought this palette,  just sitting on my makeup table with my others. When you let a palettes sit for 6 years before getting to them, you know you just have WAY too much makeup.


I wanna share this review. I bought this from bf beauty years ago based on a recommendation from a friend. If you go right to their website, you will see they have a TON of different products, but what I’m talking about today specifically is the beautiful shadows that’s housed in this slim palette. When I purchased it, at the time it was $8.99 had a friend’s code obviously that price was to irresistible to pass up. Man, shipping was crazy. Palette is coming from Hong Kong, so I’m expecting some sky-high prices right. It was something like $5.99. Plus I got a free pair of the ugliest fake nails I have ever seen, and a coupon for $5 off a $50 order. So if you’re looking to really get some bang for your buck, this is the place. I believe it took about 2 weeks for the my order to arrive.


This palette has a ton of gorgeous colors in matte and shimmer finishes. All 40 colors have a number, Here’s the packaging the is slim and flips up with Wales.


This is the first edition, as you can see the colors are bold, bright and pretty. Some shadows are chalky while others are smooth and buttery. I did find that most not all are not the good when blending. You don’t have to use a base for these cause they are pigmented, but I would just to make the colors pop more brighter.


Overall, my thoughts are this is a good palette for a good price. You can create different looks with this cute palette. My dislike come from the smell that it has. If you want to checkout this or other products from this brand head over to their website and have a look around, you may find something you like.
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