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Hi Dolls!
Yes, summer is finally here! And it does feel wonderful! Today I’ll be sharing some of my beauty purchases for Summer. I actually have a few orders that’s still heading my way!

Let’s dig in, shall we? I went to Ulta about three times one of those was during their VIP sales! (Love their mail catalog) Happy that I found Cherry Culture site. This site has so much yummy treats for your buck.


First off my intentions was to head over to Ulta and pick up a few nyx items then move on to the beauty supply store. As you can see, picked up more than nyx items lol. Checkout what goodies I got.


Nyx Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil
Electric Blue & Rocky Mountain Green (Ulta)
I’m sooo in love with these creamy, bright, bold eyeshadow pencils. Going to depot them. So many shades to choose from. I paid $1.99 for each.


Essence never tried these eyeshadows before, so can’t wait to see how well they hold up. (Ulta)


Essence gloss is popin… Great shine and a very nice sweet scent. Has sparkles. Will have to get a couple more of these.(Ulta)


You can never have enough lashes. I’m the kind of girl that loves full lashes and not those individuals lashes. These are also from Essence (Ulta)

Here’s my Cherry Culture items.


Stardel Lashes (cherry culture)


NYC Liquid Lip Shine Lip Gloss in Pink, Golden. Actually you can find this brand at your local Walgreen, CVS, rite aid, Walmart, Family Dollar,  Dollar General and the Dollar Store


NYC Liquid Eyeliner in basic black


NYC City Duet Eyeshadow Palettes


NYC City Curls Mascara
These has to be among my favorite mascaras. The city curls is just amazing. Curls my lashes and makes them full. Showtime gives you full volume.

This email s just a small collection of items and still have a lot more to go for thus summer. Getting a chance to test review some products that I’m stoked about. This little card comes with so many benefits. Points you can redeem for makeup, facial products whatever your heart desires.


Thought I lost my first card, the gold one, only to have it my other purse. Hey, got 2 cards lol…is that double the points now. Well, just wanted to share this with you dolls. Will have another haul before the end of the month along with my end of the month June’s favorite.
Do share any thoughts on the above products if you have tried them.

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