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Montagne Jeunesse Facial Masques

I have so many positive words to say about Montagne Jeunesse. Their products are that little bit of heaven in a small package. I’m always so excited to open the sachet and be welcomed by their deliciously scent☺ I’ve tried nearly all their face masks, and I love, like and not for me.


They’re great for pampering your skin, making your skin more toned and glowing. I love that they are cruelty-free and how varied their selection is! There is a face mask for every purpose and taste. If you want to sit back and relax and pamper your skin, look no further than Montagne Jeunesse.


While some of these are hit or miss, there are some that are amazing. The Dea sea mud mask is wonderful for congestion but slightly stings initially. Yet, it’s one of my favorites. For those who are sensitive might want to do a patch test first.


The Strawberries and Cream mask is a recent favorite. It made my skin glow and offers good exfoliation (This was also what I wanted Mario Badescu’s Strawberry Mask to do but it failed me) for cheap. There was also a gogi berry called Super Fruit Mud that I tried and loved too. Other masks I have tried:
Chocolate mask- Smells like chocolate pudding and is good for clearing out pores.
Fruit Smoothie Masque- Smells fruity, helps with acne. 
Creamy Coconut mask- Smelled like coconut, was moisturizing and softening.
Tea Tree Face Spa- Great for congestion and blemishes that have come to head, must do patch test for this one. It’s very strong. Some peel-off masks I like and  few not a fan of. My neutral reasoning… you don’t get a lot to make a thick layer on your face to peel off properly, if you know what I’m saying. Also some of their fabric masks do not fit well on my face since they are way too round. There are numerous others I have tried but can’t think of at the present moment. I wish they would bottle their Pink Grapefruit Miracle Hair Serum and Conditioner. This is truly a dream for my hair-  haven’t seen it much at the drugstores.

Overall these are pretty affordable to have a nice spa day with the girls at home. Highly recommend you give them a try.


I followed the instructions on the sachet, cleansing my face before applying in an even layer, avoiding my eye areas. The mask is a thick, black gel-like liquid which kind of made me feel like I was rubbing tar on my face; nonetheless, it spread quite easily and didn’t sting at all as I applied it. As it dried, I could feel the mask growing tighter around my nose and mouth, which is always the sign of a good peel-off in my 📗! The mask didn’t seem to run on my face. After about twenty minutes I began peeling off from these areas first, followed by the rest of the mask. As it lifted away from my skin, I could see it pulling gunk from my pores, and all the dead skin cells were visible on the “inside” of the mask -😖 gross but satisfying to know it’s doing it’s job so good! The mask peeled off really easier.  Once I was done, my skin was left looking much brighter and feeling smoother and softer than it previously had. These results have lasted a good few days which I call this mask a winner for me!❤🌹😃

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