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Santee Eyeshadow & Contour Palette

Hey Beauties,

I seriously have way to much makeup to try and keep track of… But as I was going through my makeup bag, I found a palette that I’ve used on more than a few occasions and have never did a review on. Well no better time than like the present.


This is another Santee eyeshadow palette that I picked up at my local beauty supply store. It cost about $1.99. I own about 4 Santee palettes and each one is different and most aren’t as bold as this one is. Let’s take a closer look.


Now, I’m still trying to figure out why this is called eyeshadow & contour palette, when there’s no contouring shades in the palette. Misleading for sure. As you can see, this palette is all matte with no shimmer or glitter. Just creamy smooth buttery matte shades. 16 beautiful, bold matte shades you can use to create endless eye looks. Broke the palette up so you can see all 16 shades and swatches.


Here’s the first 6 colors. All swatches are done without a base. You can truly see their true colors☺


Great color combinations to mix & match. Without base & flash.


This swatch was taken with the flash, see how bright they are. They glide on like silk and they do have a little of a fallout, but not much. I haven’t used a base with these I don’t think, why would you…see how bold they are. But if you wanted to you can to brighten and make the shadow pop more.


My final assessment on this palette…nice palette for the low price and bold shades. Don’t like the fallout, but it’s manageable. You can find Santee Cosmetics at your nearest beauty supply store or checkout their website.

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