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Icings by Claire’s Midnight Amber

Today I’m sharing with you a review of an eyeshadow palette I bought at Icing by Claire’s, this palette is from my mall haul review. If you’re unfamiliar with the franchise, Claire’s is a tween store where you can buy accessories––Jewelry, makeup, bags, etc. Icing by Claire’s is the more… young adult version of that. The makeup department is a bit more on the mature side, so I went there to look for a new eyeshadow palette.


I bought Icing’s Midnight Amber Eye Eyeshadow Palette for $6.50, which I’d say is a fair price. The palette features 4 rich colors; which are numbered and labeled.


I tested out these colors, I just wiped each one on the back of my hand in natural sunlight to see their tone because eyeshadows rarely look the same on your skin as they do in the package. 


Not only is each color unique, they are also dull, with just a small amount of shimmer to them. But these eyeshadows are long lasting. I’ve worn my fair share of eyeshadows that disappear within the hour, but after applying these colors over 30 minutes ago, they still look like they did when I had just put them on. These colors will last.



Comes with a miniature size mascara, more like a sample size. Never used it, so can’t tell you how well or not it is.


 This eyeshadow palette is worth every penny! And it’s really a good smokey eye palette. Only issue is they should include a eyeliner.

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