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L.A. Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadows

Hey Beauties,

I’ve been very busy this week, with going back to work, and training, so I really don’t have the time to blog or shop.😉
Since I’ve been using these palettes for years, why haven’t I wrote a review on them, well, no time like the present, right. Let’s get started shall we.


L.A.Colors is a brand that I grew up on, and I have been a fan since. With so many color combinations to choose from, you have endless possibilities of looks to create. I’m the proud owner of 11 colorful palettes, which we are going to talk about.


This palette includes 5 eyeshadows raging from a shimmery white with pink duo-chrome and gold shimmer to burgundy and purple. They have a metallic finish. The white shade comes off a bit grainy due to the gold shimmer, but its manageable and no issues with apply it. The rest are very soft and easy to blend.

Darling (Unforgettable)

Darling This is my favorite palette out of all the ones I have. As you can see, I use this a lot. Beautiful shades and you can create a beautiful everyday look. It goes by the new name (Unforgettable)

Tea Time

Tea Time Warm browns, golds, beiges…great neutral palette to create a soft smokey eye. Shadows are soft, buttery.
Shade 1: This is a soft muted gold. It’s a very unique shade. It’s a beautiful, every day color and I’ll get a lot of use out of this shade for sure.

Shade 2: This shade is a soft beige-gold color, more like a subtle creamy-gold color. This can be used as a brow bone highlight or in the inner corners of the eyes.

Shade 3: This is my second favorite shade out of this palette. It’s a light copper-gold color. I love this color as it flatters my skin tone very well.

Shade 4: This is a light taupe color which doesn’t show up on my skin no matter how many layers I pile on! Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful color that would look good on fair and dark skin tones.

Wild Flowers

Wildflowers This has to be my stand out amongst the LA color palettes I have tried. The pigmentation is amazing. The powder is almost creamy. There’s a bit of fall out, I’m paying $2.50 for 5 eye shadows – no big deal. 

The pigmentation is superior to “Wild Flowers” palette which is a popular one. SATURATED in BRIGHT, LOVELY color.


Tease is a rainbow of colors (similar to Lush)
All these colors produce strong pigmentation.
These colors lean more towards metallic rather than shimmery shades.


This palette has a set of deep smokey colors.
Unfortunately, I found it to be a bit dull. These colors lacked the intensity and appear to have a muddy black base (without primer).
However the 1st color (gold) is lovely and unique.

Ocean Breeze

Ocean Breeze contains a shimmery white, two teals, one purple and a silver. The colors are again, decently pigmented for the price and I like this palette. If you are looking for some inexpensive teals, this may be a good option for you.


Waterworld, while hosting a simply beautiful, summery palette that does indeed bring to mind the name. As beautiful as these shades are some don’t live up to their hype. Some aren’t as pigmented as others.


Tranquil colors are beautiful and with the help of a white base or a base of the same shades will definitely makes them pop like you wouldn’t believe. The shadows are soft and smooth and feels great going on. I’ve come to find these colors worked beautifully against my skin tone.


Tropic This shadow can give you some serious eye attention! These colors are fantastic! This is pretty fun, bright palette. Great with a white base to bring out their true shades.


This eyeshadows aren’t all bad…you do have to use a really good base like NYX Jumbo Pencil in milk before applying eyeshadow.

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