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Wet nWild Mega Slicks Lip Balm Stains

I didn’t expect to like these lip balm/tint/stains. Due to my love of Wet N Wild’s $1 lipsticks, I had second thoughts about these when they came out. Didn’t expect to even like these at all. While on my lunch break, had my store credit for CVS and an 30 minutes to kill and CVS was running a BOGO 50% off on Wet N Wild. They are $2.99 each, can you say…DEAL!  These lip stains are good.


My thought is these lip stains are  sheer (more like a lip butter) upon application; but at the same point they are remarkably pigmented, as they dry…they become quite opaque.  “Slick” is the best word I can think of right now to describe the application of these balm stains. They are a joy to apply and very lightweight to wear.  They remind me of a feel gloss even (think NYX butter gloss), with just the right amount of true staying power of a stain.


These balms doesn’t move…it stays right where you put it. Doesn’t run, bleed, or feather, so much to my excitement, if you want to use a lip liner by all means do so. I love my lip liner.
I picked up 3 pretty shades and the names are just cute…wet n wild style. Loving the packaging except for the plastic cap. Not very secure which I find annoying. Product all over other products and inside my bag. That’s just isn’t cool. I got 2 balm stains and 1 balm tint. Let’s take a closer look shall we.

💄Balm Tint (34599 Pack A Punch)
💄Balm Stain (161A Made You Pink)
💄Balm Stain (126 Rico Mauve)


Pack A Punch
This tint is just that…a tint. Goes on soft and creamy. Gives you a nice gloss and sheen. My issue is that you have to apply over and over until you get a light rose tint. Maybe because my lips have pigment.


Made You Pink
A very nice smooth stain. This is a light pinkish tone. Very nice☺


Rico Mauve (a play on the song  Rico Suave) and it is a beautiful brown pinkish shade.

They feel great when applied – like a very moisturizing lip balm. It does dry after a while, it does leave a pretty stain on the lips. I really like them and they have became a staple in my everyday go-to make up.

Now you can amp up your lips with one stick for a kissable pout in no time. To keep you pucker-perfect, these all new lip balm stains glide on smoothly while conditioning the lips. Enriched with Acai Palm Oil, this amazing formula forms a protective shield on the lips to prevent feathering. Continuous moisture formula leaves the lips with a unique minty, cooling sensation. No matter how long the kiss, this balm will last and last. Made in China.

• Continuous Moisture Formula
• Glides on Smoothly
• Enriched with Acai Palm Oil
• Prevents Feathering

If you have tried these please do share your thoughts with me.

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