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KleanColor Madly Matte Lipglosses

I’m so excited to review these glosses considering that Nicka K matte lipgloss are a favorite of mine. KleanColor is a brand that I’m very familiar with. I’m a huge fan of their matte eyeshadow palettes…so why not give their matte liquid lipglosses a try. KleanColor Madly Matte Lipglosses comes in a wide range of colors…from nudes, pinks, reds and purples. I truly feel that I may have found my new go-to matte glosses. *side note: Grape (1621) is my favorite. The way the color just pops is amazing.*

The color in the tubes are true to shade. For the price you sure get plenty of product. Their containers are fairly big, definitely bigger than the NYX Soft Matte Liquid Lipsticks.

These liquid lipsticks are very pigmented once they are dry, but aren’t the most opaque when first applied.When first applied, I was a little worried when I noticed some  streakiness on my lips- the second it dried, lips were full of color with no streaks in sight.

 There’s a slightly sweet smell…it’s very light and hardly noticeable. Nothing to be alarmed about. These are bulidable, but I wouldn’t recommend overly applying the formula get thicker as it dries. The consistency goes on as a liquid but as it dries it gets thicker and develops a little stickiness that gets worse as you apply more. And can be very hard to remove. *sidenote use a lip balm before applying lipstick*

These liquid lipsticks definitely have a matte finish, they don’t dry hard. Some liquid tends to make your lips feel dry and stiff. Thankfully my lips didn’t feel dry and I could still move them without cracking. The matte finish is flexible  has a slight stickiness…and stays put. Don’t rub your lips together, FOR GODSAKE DON’T. If you rub your lips together you run the risk of ruining the the finish. If you want to rub your lips together apply a lip balm, this will take away some of the matte finish but it will help you blend your liquid lipstick into your lips. And help it to come off much easier.

Conclusion,  I’m in 💜 with these liquid lipsticks. You get a lot of product and pigmentation for such a cheap price. I must admit, they definitely have staying power, my only issue is their tackiness and slight streakiness, other than that…they are truly awesome, ESPECIALLY FOR A $.99! Oh, yes, I purchased these liquid lipsticks for a $.99 each, you know I 💜 my  beauty on a budget. Have you tried these, if so please share your thoughts.

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