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BuzzAgent Sample Box

This month has been filled with free samples. My mail lady says to me, “someone likes you, with all these packages.” I had to tell her that they are my samples, I try and review them. Told y’all before, I 💜 FREE. Excited to receive my new sample box. Let’s get to it shall we.

As a buzz agent, I get a chance to try samples from top brands and share my opinion in return.When the right product or service come along for me, they’ll send me a campaign invite. Let me show what I got.

Let me introduce you to my weekend breakfast Tiny Toast cereals. Two of my favorite flavors… Strawberry🍓and Blueberry. Needless to say I didn’t eat these for breakfast…more like dinner.

I was very surprised at the taste of these. Made with real fruit bits and artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, and flavors, that’s a plus in my book all day. With each bite I can taste the strawberries and blueberries in each tiny toast shape cereal.

See how cute these are…shaped like tiny toasts. I must say this cereal impressed and my taste buds. 😊Normally my breakfast of choice is a turkey or tune salad…I’m very happy that I got a chance to try these. Thank you for the coupon for a free box😊… There goes that word “FREE“again.😊

Tiny Toast has became a favorite in my household. If you guys happened to be in the cereal aisle grab yourself a box or two and enjoy with or without milk.

Would you like to become a buzzagent yourself and receive your own buzzagent sample box…don’t fret, I got you covered…click on here 👉BuzzAgent to get started.


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