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PINCHme Sample Box

Hey Beauties,

I’ve got so much going on right now, it’s not even funny. Started back to work and been in training since a new company is running the shop. But I did manage to do some makeup shopping and have some samples I received and that I have coming in the mail. I đź’śreceiving free stuff, don’t you?

Since I’m on the subject of “FREE” samples, I recently signed up with PINCHme a month ago and received my first box…yayyy! Pinch me is a place where you can claim free products each month, have delivered straight to your door, in exchange for your honest feedback. And it’s all free…didn’t I mention that it’s FREE!

Above is my sample box. These were the samples that I had to choose from. In total I got 4 samples and  few coupons to accompany the samples. Let’s take a look.

Purina One Tender Select Blend cat food with a coupon

Vagisil Feminine Wash

ZzzQuil Sleep Aid

3M NexCare Bandages

I’m very excited to have received my pinchme box and for the chance to sample products from brands that I đź’ś and trust as well new brands and products to try. Can’t wait for my second box. I feel like a kid at Christmas receiving goodies in the mail. If you haven’t joined Pinchme…now is the time to get your free samples, try them, share your thoughts on them. Head on over and join today…don’t miss out on your samples. Pinchme 

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