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LA Colors High Shine Shea Butter Lip Glosses 

I recently purchase the LA Colors High Shine Shea Butter Lip glosses because they looked so gorgeous in their containers, but I’ll have to admit… I wasn’t really expecting very from them. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve converted from total lipstick hater to lover thanks to a couple of choice formulas, I was a bite some what apprehensive about trying these.  But I’m so glad I cracked these babies open!☺ 


I added four of the glosses to my lipgloss collection, and there’s a couple duds in the batch. Let’s jump right into swatches because I have a feeling you’ll be just as surprised as I was.


Dollface has been my most-worn and go-to of the shades, being a light mauve-y brown it’s a great neutral shade to work into fall looks.


Snuggle is a metallic light copper nude brown shade. I actually like this shade. Almost a golden color that goes great against my skin tone. Another everyday lip gloss.


Baby Cakes is a nice color, but it’s not my favorite. I have a 💜/hate relationship with it. It’s a beautiful pale pink shade.


Lavish is the deepest shade in this range of 18 shades, and is a vampy red with pearly micro shimmer. Applies slightly unevenly at first, but in 2 coats it evens out and gives beautiful shiny vampy lips.

These lipglosses come in large containers and they truly speak for their name. They are super high in shine, and they’re also very, very opaque. 


**Product Claims and Description** 

Intense Color -Irresistible Shine -Enriched With Shea Butter. Discover luscious lips with intense color, irresistible shine and continuous moisture from L.A. COLORS High Shine Shea Butter Lipgloss. Super shiny formula enriched with shea butter and vitamin E keeps lips soft with a non-sticky finish and a light vanilla scent. Available in a wide range of shades and finishes to drench lips in rich color and high shine!

Okay, so this gloss really stands up to its claims. It is most defiantly a non-sticky, super hydrating formula. It has a very thin consistency that is very slippery and smooth. The shimmery glosses are not chunky or scratchy at all. It is defiantly high shine as it claims. There is no off putting taste, but while it does have a scent I don’t find the vanilla cupcake smell off putting or overpowering. 

Because this is a lipgloss the staying power is not the greatest. It lasts up to an hour or so and if you eat during that time then I will wear off sooner. It will transfer (like all glosses do) so be careful when your lips get close to clothes or fabric. It wears off pleasantly though and leaves a nice stain behind after the shine has worn off or dried down. I think that these formulas will be awesome for all skin types, tones and ages. 

When it come to packaging I find that I really like these. The tubes are sturdy clear plastic with gold lettering so you can clearly see the color inside. A bonus is that the caps of the tubes match the color of the gloss. If the gloss has glitter in it, so will the cap of the gloss. The tube of these glosses are bigger than most and contain .14 oz of product which is a good amount t for such a cheap price. If you are one to just toss your lip products in your purse (like I) then you will find that the lettering on the tubes will wear off pretty easily…(notice the pic at top)I love these cheap glosses and would recommend them to anyone. I would also repurchase them if I ever run out.

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