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Ruby Kisses “RK” Beauty Brushes 

Nothing like getting excited about makeup brushes. Found these darlings at my favorite beauty supply store. I was just going to get a few, but thought- why not get them all, they may all be gone later. That’s right I got each brush. These are the NEW RK Makeup Brushes

This 14 pc set of soft luxurious brushes are affordable and extremely soft to the touch. They feel absolutely amazing against the skin. Let’s take a look at each brush.

The Kabuki brush is created to use on face and body. It’s designed to fit comfortably in hand, with short, dense bristles to effortlessly buff in circular motion. 

• For powder makeup application
• Perfect for use on face

DUO FIBER BRUSH Referred to as a Stippling Brush, the duo fibers help maximize the application helping to create an airbrushed finish. 
• Use in circular motion
• Apply liquid foundation, illuminator & highlighter

RETRACTABLE LIP BRUSH Lip brush that’s retractable. Gives you great control with lipsticks and glosses. Soft bristles.

DUO BROW BRUSH The angled bristle side lets you fill in brow color with natural brushed look while the spoolie helps to groom and set brow powder. 
• Dual-end brush
• Helps create perfectly defined brows

TAPERED BRUSH Tapered hairs gently sweep eyeshadow along eyelid in an even layer that won’t crease. 

• Buff in circular motion
• Apply ehighlighter

FOUNDATION BRUSH Great for full to medium coverage using liquid or cream foundation. Full and soft but, dense hairs pick up the ideal amount of foundation for smooth, even coverage. 

• Smooth strokes
• Apply bronzer & highlighter

SMALL EYESHADOW BRUSH Precisely apply eyeshadow to small areas with a natural looking swish of color. Soft bristles sweep across the lid with pecially designed to blend shadow and liner in the crease and along lash line. 

• Gentle sweep 
• Suitable for use with cream & powder

C-CURVED BRUSH Soft, packed-in bristles let you gently sweep eyeshadow onto your eyelid without tugging your skin. Blends eyeshadows effortlessly for a natural balance of color. 

• Softly sweep outward
• Apply gel liner & eyeshadow

LARGE BRUSH  Apply just the right amount of color with this large eyeshadow brush. Large tapered hairs deliver wide coverage for all-over color. 

• Softly sweep outward
• Apply eyeshadow colors

FAN BRUSH The fan brush dusts and sets powder without removing makeup already applied. Great for highlighter and bronzer applications. Also suitable for removing eyeshadow trickling.

• For dusting 
• Apply bronzer & highlighter

ANGLED BRUSH Brush hairs are cut to the ideal angle for applying contours to your face. Apply in one stroke for a smooth sweep.

• For contouring outward
• Apply blush, bronzer & highlighter

CONCEALER BRUSH Small, firm, tapered brush hairs allow precise targeting for applying concealer. Works with cream, liquid or powder.

• Blends product in hard-to-reach areas 
• Apply concealer & brightener

LARGE POWDER BRUSH This large, plush makeup brush sweeps on loose or pressed powder in a smooth, even application. 

• For powder makeup application
• Sweep outward on face

EYELINER BRUSH Precisely apply eyeshadow to small areas with a natural looking swish of color. Soft bristles sweep across the lid without skidding. 
• Soft sweep 
• Suitable for use with gel & powder

These brushes are sooo soft and they feel amazing. Gives your makeup  a nice flawless finish without irritation to the skin. All brushes are just under $10 which is a great deal for us beauty bargain hunters. If your out stop by your local beauty supply store and pick up a few…better yet, collect the whole set. You can also order them  at Kiss Cosmetics

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