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Dead Sea Minerals Anti-stress Clay Mask

I’m a sucker for good face masks, especially when they actually work. Found this mask and another one at Dollar General and thought why not, they coated $1.99ea. This anti-stress clay mask helps brighten, soothe skin while giving a deep down clean to pores. I must admit, this mask was very refreshing and I saw instant results the moment I removed the mask.

This rich, creamy clay sinks deep into the pores to remove dirt, oil and skin impurities, while dead sea minerals and sea salt helps to replenish hydration and revitalize skin tone.

Plankton and algae extracts helps to restore radiant, healthy looking skin. You’ll feel relaxed and your skin will glow- it’s the ideal anti-stress treatment for body and soul. Paraben free and great for all skin types. Love the blue color😊.

Definitely will be going back to get more. I was very impressed with the results and my skin was smooth and soft. My makeup actually looked much better. I would recommend this mask.

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