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Discovering a whole new way to reveal brighter, younger looking skin with a breakthrough, dermatologist inspired skincare collection from L’Oreal Paris.

I’m always up to trying out new skin care systems that actually delivers what it promises. So far, I have ran across a few that’s just awesome and works. It seem like high-end skincare actually delievers, but we know that’s not true to some extent.

Not sure about you, I don’t have an  unlimited bank account where I can afford to purchase high-end skincare products on a regular. Thank god for drugstore  brands that’s just as good as it’s high priced counter part. 

I received this set complimentary of  BZZAGENT and L’ORÉAL PARIS. I have never used any kind of skincare from l’oréal this was the perfect opportunity to give it try and I must admit, noticed a BIG HUGE DIFFERENCE in the tone of my skin, texture and clarity. 

The little fines I was developing starting to diminished. My skin looks fresher, more radiant… Soft to the touch. My husband even noticed the difference.

This is where it all starts…with this BRIGHTENING DAILY SCRUB CLEANSER Gently exfoliates dullness. This cleanser has gentle miro-pearls and glycolic acid, exfoliated dullness and impurities to improve skin tone, texture and clarity.

These Revitalift Bright Reveal Brightening Peels pads are a dear.-inspired anti-wrinkle + brightening treatment.

This peel resurfaces dull, uneven tone and rough texture to reveal underlying youthful looking skin. It’s the first step to help skin absorb the powerful concentrated treatments. Use these every night. 

– Brighter, clarified and more radiant 

– Pores look tightened, skin feels softer, smoother, more refined 

– Skin is optimally prepared to absorbed Bright Reveal treatments and moisturizers

– 1 week: Fine lines and wrinkles appear visibly smooth

– 2 weeks: Skin tone is visibly more even, texture is refined. Skin looks younger and rejuvenated.

Inspired by gold standards in brightening, recognized by dermatologist. Skin feels silky soft, smooth and hydrated all day.

Deeply moisturizing over night treatment glides onto skin and absords rapidly for a silky smooth, overnight skin rejuvenation.

– Next morning: uneven tone and fine lines to start to visibly diminished

– Skin looks fresher, radiant

– Skin is hydrated, silky soft,  brighter and youthful 

– 1 week: Skin diminished 

  • Fine lines and wrinkles appear visibly smoother

– 4 weeks: 

  • Look of dark spots and discolorations are visibly diminished 

After using this for little over a week ago, I can see my skin transforming with the use if this skincare system. 

My overall thoughts…it took my skin a few days to get adjusted to the products. Afterwards, haven’t had any issues and seeming results after the first use. 

Some products works for others and others it doesn’t. If you happened to tryout these products, make sure you read the instructions and follow as directed. 

This set retails for $66 😍

**DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me free  for testing & review purposes. I wasn’t paid for my honest opinion. A sponsored post.**

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