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BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic & SuperNova Baked Eyeshadow Palettes

Hello, Moonpies

I’ve missed you guys. It’s been a minute with work and just recently getting out the hospital last night, I thought I would share my new palettes with you ladies, since I’m on bed rest. I read beauty blogs, and brand sites & blogs, watched YouTube videos and everyone was always talking about BHCosmetics baked eyeshadow palettes. Well, I headed to the site and read review after review on these…mostly good news and some not so good. I read them all.

Ordered these darlings right after thanksgiving on Bh Cosmetics Cyber Monday Sale at a great price reduction. Both palettes are originally $20.00 each. They are having their second Cyber Monday sale, both palettes are currently sold out. 

Very excited to have them in my possession and in my collection. Must admit once I saw them in person I knew I my money was well spent. Each palette has 18 beautifully cosmically baked shades that’s out of this universe along with galactic names to stay with the theme.

Packaging of both palettes are just to adorable. Galaxy Chic is bright, bold, fun and visually appealing to the eyes. 

18 versatile shades that’s good for everyone. From everyday neutrals to vibrant hues. 

First Row: Sun, Jupiter, Prometheus, Aphrodite, Milky Way & Cosmic 👇

Middle Row: Saturn, Venus, Meteor, Comet, Earth, & Neptune 👇

Third Row: Mercy, Mars, Asteroid, Electra, Moon & Pluto  👇

Total weight of palette 1.27 oz/35.4g 

Price $20.00

 Cyber Monday price ($12.00) 


This sister palette to the Galaxy Chic palette. The shades in the  SuperNova palette are more on the jewel tone side and more deeper in tones. Galaxy Chic has lighter, brighter and marbled shadow.

 Jewel tone shades range is simply beautiful…very warm tones overall and offers everything from whites, golds, greens, blues, grays, burgundys, bronzes. 

With an celestial-theme and Zodiac and steller galactic names…this palette definitely lives up to it’s name. Let’s take a look at a few swatches below.
Top Row: Phoenix, Leo, Vega, Capricorn, Pisces & Lyra 👇

Middle Row: Pegasus, Libra, Stella, Nova, Gemini, Scorpio 👇

Bottom Row: Aurora, Celestial, Neutron, Aries, Nebula, Luna 👇

Packaging for both palettes are just  adorable and very cosmic. Cardboard packaging with an magnetic closure. Both palettes also  has an mirror. Total weight for this palette 1.23 oz /35g 

Price $20.00 

Cyber Monday Price: ($8.00) 

The sizes of the pans are much lager than I initially thought. Slightly larger than a quarter and much easier to fit a finger or brush to move around.

On my right eye I’m wearing the Galaxy Chic, on my left eye wearing the SuperNova.

Shades are extremely gorgeous and long-lasting, glides on and blends really great. If you’re a big fan of shimmer, I would most definitely highly recommend this palette.

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