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These ALTCHECK DEPUFF EYE  PADS help reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness while hydrating the sensitive and fragile skin under the eyes. Antioxidants help protect the delicate our area against environmental stressors and perfect treatment before a night out.

Working long hours during a football season takes a lot out of you and your appearance. Always looking and feeling tired is what comes with the job. 

I was very happy and excited to try these out. I received this pack in my BeautyBox5 bundle box and thought this is really what my tired eyes needs.

These felt really nice and very cooling and refreshing as well as moisturizing. 😍

I fell in love 💜 with these pads, need to get more. They really do take bags and puffiness away from under the eyes. Smooth out wrinkles which I’m happy to announced that I don’t have (yet). 

Easy to use and no residue is left behind after each use. Just pat the remaining serum into your under eyes. Not an effect that last forever but I really love using these at least several times a week. Great for special occasions. These are perfect for after those  long night out or an early-morning coming in and you just want that pick me up fresh look. They are great to use before going out and before going to bed. Leave on for approximately 30 minutes to get the full effect- the more you use these, the more you would see and notice results over time. 

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