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Another mask sample from my November GlossyBox. I’m always happy to tryout new products while discovering new and well-known beauty companies. So when I received this sample I was thrilled to see that it was a mask, with that I had to try it…really, what’s the point of subscribing to beauty boxes-if you’re not going to use the products that  you’re paying for😕

Palmetto Derma Rejuvenating Antiodant Mask Brighten & Soften Skin This mask puts your skin on the fast track to soft, smooth and glowing. The soft clay of the mask gently purifies skin, by absorbing impurities and cleaning pores and skin. 👏👏
The advance antioxidants defend against free radicals and reverse daily skin damage. This mask is whipped-up to a nice velvety perfection for an luxurious and easy application.❤❤

The cooling effect refreshes and soothes the skin as the mask does it’s magic, leaving skin bright and smooth.


  • Patch test, apply thin layer to face leave on for 5-30 min (may cause tingling)
  • Remove with warm water

Recommended to use at night.

Sorry for the low light…you can see the thin layer on my face. There’s a slight tingle, nothing that’s alarming. 

Low lighting…you can’t see how bright my skin is and my pores aren’t visible. Skin feels hydrated, smooth and soft.

  • Rejuvenating Antioxidant Mask - Palmetto Derma
  • Rejuvenating Antioxidant Mask - Palmetto Derma

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