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Found Hokkuu Spa Technology Green Tea Volcanic Mud Facial Mask on Facebook-I had to pay for shipping which was $8. Fast turn around time and surely wasn’t ready to have a full-size jar in my hand. Usually it’s a sample packet…that you only get two usages if that. So, yeah I was definitely surprised by that. 

First, let’s learn a little history on what Hokkuu is…
To appear as an independent poem. In the late 19th century Masaoka Shiki(1867-1902), renamed the stand-alone hokku to haiku, and the latter term is now generally applied retrospectively to all hokku. Ok, now that we have had our short history lesson…let me share this mask with you.

Green tea volcanic mud facial mask combines antioxidant powder with deep pore cleaning volcanic mud action. #1 blackhead remover. Cleans and refreshes skin and pores. Great face mask for all skin types. 

Hokkuu Volcanic Mud Facial Mask with green tea has been used in luxury spas from New York to Hollywood. Once exclusively available to celebrities…now I’m getting a chance to try this amazing mask. 
The jar is 3oz. / 85g / $14.99

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