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I’m all about discovering new brands and products…that’s why I subscribed to AdoreBeautyBox this adorable subscription gives you options and nice products from brands you know and unfamiliar brands. Each month is always a surprise waiting to be discover. 

Let’s take a look at January box.

Peter Coppola High Gloss Finishing Polish. 2fl oz. 

Vitamins and oils gives your hair a beautiful shine with a flexible hold. Peter Coppola products can be found at Ulta.  Full size price retails for $18.00

Stila Lip Liners Contour #26 

This lip pencil is alright and the shade isn’t that bad. Not a shade I would have chosen…but it’s doabledoable. It doesn’t last and I do like the texture of it. Not to dry or to creamy…just right. Stila discontinued the Contour Line.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Eye Foils Metallic Shadow Sticks

First time owning or using MK&Ashley beauty line. These foil metallic shadows are in stick form. I couldn’t find a name for the shadows and they look and feel silky and smooth. Not to metallicly. If that’s a word lol 

MD. Formulations Facial Cleanser. 

Don’t know much about this brand except that it’s owned by (Bareminerals). Will be testing these out and do some background on the company and product. 

Body Prescriptions Makeup Removing Wipes 

There’s one thing I never get enough of and that’s makeup removing wipes. Scented non-scented as long as it doesn’t irritate or break out my skin. So this will be place in product testing basket for futher review.  I’ll get back with you and give you my findings. 

This isn’t like your normal beauty box subscription…cause everything comes in an bubble mailer while I’m use to my beautiful collectible boxes (glossybox) I appreciate the time, care and thought that goes into each box that I receive from AdoreBox. It’s not about the box but what’s inside. My downside is for $25 a month I should receive more products that’s equal to or greater than what I receive. Full-size products would make it worth the money. I may give it 2 more months and then cancel my subscription. 

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