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Yesterday arriving home from work to one of many beauty boxes. Always excited to see what the Allures’s beauty team come up with. January box was awesome and this month box…not so sure. Theme for this month is all about Valentine’s Day. All about making yourself radiant. How can I not get into that. Love feeling and looking my best. So maybe this box isn’t so bad after all. 
I trust Allure to bring me the best in skincare, makeup, hair, and fragrance. After all, it’s the month of love…what girl doesn’t want to shine and be radiant. 

I have really high hopes for this box…seening that last month was a great start of the year and month. This month has a few products that I may use and others I may give away. This will be my first allure beauty box that I wasn’t all to gun-ho about. After testing out the products I’ll give you a full review.

From the looks at it there’s a couple of goodies that’s worth a post all on their own. Let’s take a closer look at this month samplers.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads

These round, textured pads feel soft as you sweep them across your face. Gently exfoliates, tones, and brightens skin.

Price: $30 First Aid Facial Radical Pads


A universally flattering highlighter. This creamy formula has no obvious shimmer, so it looks completely natural. I like it cause of it’s luminous, smooth, glowing…if this is your idea skin, this is just the product for you.

Price:$28 Cargo Colorstick in Champagne


A voluminzing lipgloss that temporarily creates the appearance of fuller lips. The clear gloss is smooth, non-sticky. Comes in a sleek gold tube (full-size).

Price: $27 Grande Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper

The most elegant version of a basic, solid mascara- soft black, straight brush, no unnecessary bells and whistles. This mascara doesn’t contains parabens. 

Price:$29 BeautyCounter Mascara

 This sample candle has this box and my office smelling divine. This candle is truly special. With damask-rose oil and patchouli oil this candle goes best in the bedroom or next to a warm bath.

Price:$38 Red Flower Moroccan Rose Candle

#1 dermatologist- recommended wrinkle fighter. This potent formula- one of five in Olay Eyes collection is a powerful solution to reduce the look of crow’s feet. Yep, I’m aging gracefully….but this will be most needed 😉

Price:$24.99 Olay Eyes Pro-Retinol Eye treatment 

After futher reseaching each product I guess I made a hasty decision without giving these products a try. Must admit that I am very curious to try and do a full review on each and every product. If you received your February Allure Beauty-Box, which items did you like or didn’t. Let’s talk.

10 thoughts on “ALLURE FEBRUARY BEAUTY BOX 2017

    1. Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog. Here’s some information for you if you’re interested in subscribing to Allure Beauty Box.
      Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription from Allure Magazine. Each month they send out a mix of deluxe and full-size samples from mostly high-end brands!☺
      The Cost: $15 a month

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    1. Thank you makeup_by_makena…for taking the time to stop by and check me out. I’m really surprised that not many ladies speak on Allure Beauty-Box. They are simply amazing and some boxes are a hit & miss…nonetheless…they are great to have.


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