There’s nothing better than when I can tryout a service that’s pure genius and fun. Last year I was introduced to this photo service by Shamar Moore…where I can get free prints from any of my social media sites. I clicked on his link and picked out my favorite pictures and received them for free.

Here’s the free prints I received last year. The trun around was fast and the quality is superb. Each month you have about 85 free prints for the month and for each additional pic thet charge you. You can get get them in different sizes as well. 

This soft cover photobook contains only 21 pages- you can increase the amount of pages you want. I only tried this to see what the book would look like. What a great way to keep those special memories on hand. Give these photo books as a gift or start a mini photobook collection and know that you’re receiving premium quality work. Fast turn around and low prices for other things you may like.

I have to say when my photos came back they looked very professionally done. I highly recommend this service. I use it for everything that I want to keep. I delete pics all the time…so this is definitely the route you want to take to save those special moments. If you’re intrested in this service feel free to use my code and start picking out those special moments and have them turned into a book that  you can display or giveaway.

Free Prints

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