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Still reeling from all the love thst February brings. And while it does brings feelings of love in the air…Liveglam sent me my bundle of love in the form of brushes. Hey, a girl can never have enough brushes. Each month I receive about $30+ worth of brushes from morphe and I’m glad that I joined this amazing club. For only $19 /mo. You will receive about 3 to 5 brushes each month. To help you bulid your collection or add to your existing one. 

This is just to cute to me…each month there’s a theme…and that basically gives you an idea of what brushes you have. Comes with a kicker card and a bumper sticker.

The G33 Angled Buffer gets right bright. This awesome brush gives you the BEST coverage your eyes could ask for. It’s unique shape can get right in the inner corner of your eyes. 

G34 Mini Round Buffer will make you blush and glow. The brush to apply your favorite highlighter. I’m going to be obsessed with this brush…I’m in a love spell.

G36 Round Powder a very versatile brush…use it for foundation or contour, do it flawlessly with this softy. It’s best used with any powdered product. A match made in heaven.

From all the sets that I’ve received these morphe brushes are made exceptionally well and feels good against the skin. The bristles are super soft and smooth very little fall out or shedding. Not to bulky and fits comfortably in my hands. Gives a flawless finish to your makeup. Don’t know why I’ve waited as long as I did to get on board with these brushes -cause they are the real deal.
If you’re interested in joining the brush club click on the link below and get started.👇 They are highly recommended…excellent for beginners,  novices, and seasonal beauty mavens.

LiveGlam Morpheme Brushes 

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