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I’m so excited to share this month BOXYCHARM box with you all. Last month box was the bomb…this month box is a super duper box. For the life of me I can’t figure out why I waited so long to subscribe with this box. Very happy that I decided to do so after I was recommended to try it out. 

Love is flowing my way with these February beauty boxes 😉. What more can I ask for…coming home to a different beauty box and waiting to share them with you. It’s like Christmas every month from the beauty Santas☺. Every box is a guessing game-I don’t like surprises…but these are making me rethink the word surprise. 

Yeah, baby…this is definitely what I’ve been looking for from my beauty boxes…a box that had been curated for me. From the look of it…it is😀😀. Full-size products for a small price of $21/mo. I can certainly roll with that. Getting my money worth. Second box and very very thrilled. Let’s dive right on in and checkout this month goodies.

I know what you’re thinking…Damn! Girl! You’re already  in a freaking brush club and you’re receiving more brushes…I’m the kind of girl who loves my brushes and this is no exception ☺. Omnia Eye Kit by Royal & Langnickel omnia gold and rose gold brushes was developed with natural hair purist in mind and features meticulously selected natural hair of the finest quality for impeccable performance. This kit retails for $29.98 / Royal & Langnickel 

I’ve always wanted the Z Palette and the beauty genies has granted my wish. Received this small Z-Palette along with 5 round and 5 square metal stickers. Completely customizable,  this small Z palette, made exclusively for BOXYCHARM, features an open-faced magnetic bade that allows you easily to switch out shades and products as often as I like. This pint-size Zpalette will fit just about anywhere and fits up to 9 standard-size round pans. Retails for $14.00 /Z Palette 

OMG! Two eyeshadow pans from Makeup Geek. When I first started doing makeup and getting heavy into it…I would follow only a few yt ladies that I actually wanted to watch and learn from. Makeup Geek was one of those ladies.  Absolutely adore Marlene…and to have a piece of her brand and line is just thrilling to say the least.

Right here are two highly pigmented, high-end shadows for half the price without scarificing quality. These shadows can be used alone or together or placed inside the z palette to build my own custom palette. They are buttery, smooth shadows that’s cruelty-free.

This buttery, smooth cutie is called…prom night. A champagne shade with very little shimmer. Great for a nude eye.

Beautiful shade that’s great alone or with another color. This shade is called cherry cola. This looks like a nice brown with an red undertone.

These will most definitely go into my new zpalette☺  These retails for $12 / Makeup Geek 

First time trying Juice Beauty so this will be a treat for me this weekend. Bringing shimmer and color with this reflecting gloss. Contains a blend of organic antioxidant-rich açai & goji berries, minerals and sweet agave for the most brilliant shine. Great for everyday wear. Retails for $15/Juice Beauty 

Anything from Dr. Brandt is a most definitely a must-have in your skincare routine. I’ve tried a sample of this Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator and icm so very happy that I did. Nothing like beautiful polished skin in the morning or evening. Removes all that nastiness that our skin picks up durning the course of the day. Helps reveals bright, glowing healthy skin. Retails for $79/Dr. Brandt 

This has to be the best box so far from all my beauty boxes. Honestly,  can’t stop smiling cause this box has everything I need to create a beautiful flawless look…skin, eyes to lips. Overall value of the entire box is $149.98…not to shabby for a small $21 price tag. Yep, that $21 can be used for other things…right now, it’s surly paying off with  BoxyCharm beauty box.



5 thoughts on “BOXYCHARM FEBRUARY 2017

      1. I’ve only gotten one GB and my 2nd one just shipped.. but I’m currently unimpressed. I definitely like your Boxycharm better and it’s the same price! Trying to stay open minded that maybe this second box will be better… I already cancelled after the first one though lol

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