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Back with another beauty box…except it’s not a box it’s keepsake bag. Personally I feel Ipsy has the cutest bags…better than LipMonthly. That’s just in my opinion. A cute soft denim bag with bright orange piping…just in time for spring I suppose. And It’s filled with some great products to get me looking good. Last month bag was cool…so really hoping for a repeat this month. 

I see a few favorites and some new favorites. This definitely going to be a good bag.  Month of love and I’m feeling all the love that Ipsy is sending my way😘 Let’s get right into. These Biobelle facial mask sheets are bomb. I recently received #I woke up like this in my Allure January beauty box.  I was very impressed with these mask sheets. To received this one again  alone with another one is pretty awesome. I have 2 of 3 masks… #staygorgeous and #iwokeuplikethis 

Nxy Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry. These are so insanely creamy that there’s no need to use a lip balm before hand. Ripe Berry is totally an appropriate name. The hue (which has a cool purple undertones) reminds me of  crushed  raspberries.

Hikari Cosmetics Cream Pigment Eye Shadow in Latte. Don’t be fooled by the name…there’s nothing milky about this metallic copper. 

Richly pigmented that even a tiny bit makes your eyes pop.

Can’t wait to try this. Love a good shadow.

Luna Highlighter in Calypso. With just the right amount of both cool and warm undertones, the pale lavender shade flatters any and every skin tone. Easily layerable…one coat is pseudo- sheer, adding more on top puts you into serious strobing territory. 

Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in $12 Latte is going above qnd beyond much of the competition, this super shiny formulas are 10 -free. This brand is vegan and cruelty- free. Besides all the names will have you laughing. For some strange reason I’m not feeling this shade. Love dark shades…but this is really throwing me off. Dark polish fans will definitely love this one. A deep grayish-purplish- brown.

Ok, this bag isn’t giving me the OMG! Feeling that I was surly looking for. Lukewarm is what I would call this month glambag. Has some goodies that’s going to be used immediately 😉 those facial masks most definitely. The total value of this bag is $59.49…not bad for $10 /mo. not bad at all.

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