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Rituals & GlossyBox

Are you excited about this new special edition box? I AM! It’s a match made in heaven and I’m so stoked about receiving mines. ☺ 

An exciting collaboration with GlossyBox & Rituals…this collection encases 5 full-size products worth over $84 that’s inspired by Eastern traditions. This beautiful curated box brings the spa right to my front door – with exceptional quality ingredients and gorgeous packaging for this special edition box. Rituals is all about you. With all that life throws your way it can definitely put wear and tear on the body. As women, we have so many hats to wear that we can sometimes over push ourselves. That’s why it’s very imperative that you de-stress yourself from the world and take a moment to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

This is the exact reason why Glossy has teamed up with Rituals. With Rituals recent growth spurt in the States, their products have been featured in Glossy Boxes has been well received by North American subscribers…and subscribers global. Rituals deep rooted tradition mixed with a modern twist. The delicate scent is universal and todsy it’s the perfect time to immerse yourself into Ritual of Sakura. This gorgeous box is now available. Head on over to GlossyBox to get yours. Subscribers your price is $25 non-subscribers price is $30. I ordered mines yesterday…that was just a good deal to pass up. Anxiously awaiting for my Ritual Sakura box. I’ll definitely keep you ladies up-to-date on this box…as well as share it with you once it arrives.

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