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No:HJ Opuntia Humifusa Facial Mask

I’m really starting to get addicted to these facial sheet masks. This is the second one that I have used since receiving my box a few days ago. If you ladies haven’t tried this subscription service and love any kind of facial sheet, peel-off or clay masks then you really need to check out this company FaceTory. Some really great premium facial masks. 

The packaging is just adorable not look at. It has an hologram effect on the front and back.  After my first use of the mask I knew I was in for a real treat. This particular mask contains fermented cactus extract from the opunia humifusa, which is known as the prickly pear…it’s a cactus native to parts of eastern North America and known for it’s vitamin C and moisturizing strengths. 

This mask is soaked in an essence containing aloe, tea tree, lavender,  avocado, bamboo, centella, milk,  green tea, tomato, and mulberry…also with little gold flakes that are sprinkled throughout the mask. However,  this mask was a alittle big for my face…but honey…I made it work.

OMG! Like how can I not love this. Relaxing while pampering myself is almost unheard of…cause I don’t necessarily have the luxury to give mysel the at home spa time that I damn sure need. So making the time to pamper myself in the short time that I have makes it all the more better and special. Nothing like making time for oneself when you give all of yourself each and everyday. Those stolen moments are few and rare in my life. But when I have it…this girl takes full advantage. ☺

After removing the sheet and rubbing in the remaining serum into my skin…my skin felt soft, smooth, looked refreshed, and bright. Yep, defense is up against free radicals and this mask is the bomb-diggity no doubt. Find that I will be repurchasing this mask real soon. 

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