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Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat

This polish is everything…helps grow your nail and helps to strengthen them as well. Received this polish in my last month glossybox and today I had to try it out. 

Pink Gel Coat is a protein enriched nail coating that instantly strengthens, seals and protects your nails.  

It’s keratin- rich formula includes an optical brightener that filters out any yellow appearance, making the nail bed look rosy pink and tips of nails white. Nails will look as if you have a french manicure. Dries in a minute or less.😍


Nails before I applied Perfect Formula.


Nails after  I applied Perfect Formula…they look pretty good. I know need a good cuticle trime ☺ My nails have a great shine and they feel stronger than what they did before.  Definitely will be using this every week to help grow my nails more. I’ll do a follow-up post in 2 months and see what happens to my nails. This bottle cost $30.

I’m very excited to have gotten this and tried it. Thankful for beauty boxes cause I wouldn’t have tried this if I didn’t subscribe to beauty boxes. If you received this in last month in your GlossyBox or purchased it…please share your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat

  1. My issue that I have is that the shine and gloss is short-lived. Will definitely will be using as a base coat. Will have to checkout their nail care line. I have high hopes that this can help my nails grow.💅


  2. I tried to wear this on my bare nails but they were just in too bad of shape 🙈🙈 I ended up using this as a base coat under my Sally Hansen gel polish. It seems like I’ve had less breakage already, and I’m excited to see how my nails improve with continued use!! Maybe someday I can wear this without a top coat ha ha!

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