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Aquafina Hydrating Lip Oil

Found this Hydrating Lip Oil in my local Dollar General last month. I was very surprised to know that Aquafina had lip products. Now, after some online research I found out that this has been out for a few years…which means -“IT’S NOT FUCKING NEW! WELL, IT’S FUCKING NEW TO ME!! 😆😆😆 Don’t get me wrong… I absolutely ❤ this 💋 oil. And it’s not expensive…$0.99…bottom of your purse change. This should cost at least $1.99…it’s definitely well worth it.

My only issue with this is the packaging…due to the simple fact is because it’s an oil and it should be housed in a nice clear lip gloss container…this plastic rubber tip isn’t a for me…I’m really don’t care for it. Hate those tips on my lip gloss containers…that’s neither here there…I would have chosen a different container… that’s just me.

I’ve used s lot of lip balms…and none really gave me the hydration I need…this does…haha!😋😋 This lip oil contains jojoba oil, almond oil, and vitamin E. Does have a liggt peppermint scent.

I ❤ how this gave my lips 💋 a nice shine and gloss while hydrating them and making them smooth and soft. I would purchase this again…I’ve since had difficulty finding it since I’ve purchased it. Fun lip care product…Aquafina Lip Hydrating Oil is not greasy nor is it tacky…it is very hydrating and cooling to the lips 💋😍

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