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MediHeal | Line Friends I.P.I LightMax Ampoule Mask 

Back with another mask review from FaceTory this time I used MediHeal | Line Friends I. P. I LightMax Ampule Mask this is the 3rd mask that I have used since receiving my first box…and…well this one just didn’t do it for me at all 😒. Now it does has it’s pros & cons…it’s the cons that made me not like this. I do think the packaging is just adorable. Fun an cute. Let’s get straight to it…here’s my pros…👇

I can’t help it…this mask is just adorable with the cute bunny on the cheek. 🐰🐰

✔Cute character mask

✔Actual  Fit

✔Great scent 

✔ Awesome benefits 

✔ Easy to use

Now here’s the cons:

✔Broke me out

✔Made my face red and itchy 

✔Skin was very irritated 

I was really hoping that this mask was going to be a great one…like the first 2…that didn’t happened. For whatever reason this mask just didn’t cut it for me…I knew something was wrong the minute I took it off…my face was red and it started itching something cray cray…put a cool towel on my face to help calm it down and reduce the redness. I give myself 48hrs. before using another mask…this helps to really see what possible skin irritations I my develop from the mask. 

Yes, this broke my heart something awful and I know this mask with all it’s good skin properties. This doesn’t discourage me…I just know that this isn’t the mask for me. Still excited to try the remaining masks before my next box. Happy Masking ☺

7 thoughts on “MediHeal | Line Friends I.P.I LightMax Ampoule Mask 

  1. I got a box of rosehip oil masks that I was so excited to try and the same thing happened. I got up the next morning and had little bumps all ver my forehead. I was so sad! But there are so many masks still to try out there!

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