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Perfectly Posh Samples

I’ve said before and a I’ll say it again…I 💜 MY JOB! The fact that I have the opportunity to coming in contact with different souls makes my job all the more rewarding. Friday I’ve helped these customer who drove from Ohio to Detroit ti purchase some lions gear…needless to say upon speaking with the ladies I find they’re bubbly, fun and just down right genuine people. They spoke on Perfectly Posh…and I asked for some samples. The first sample I tried became an instant hit. Beach Blank is atrovr of citrus, sweet vanilla and creamy coconut…how could I not fall in love. It was with that sample I needed more. They ladies were so sweet they brought me lunch & coffee and more samples to try. Yep, these are some thoughtful ladies I met Friday. ☺

Perfectly Posh is a company that I have absolutely been sleeping on. And thanks to Jennifer & Amber, I have jumped on the pp bandwagon 😍 I love when people are passionate, knowledgeable and shows enthusiasm about the products they use or sell. That can be a real deal breaker or an instant sale. After speaking with them for a lengthy time I wanted to become a part of this movement that’s all about skincare and beauty. With yummy goodies like PP has I had to join the folds…so happy I did. Let’s take a look at the samples I received…already have a few that’s will become a staple in my beauty routine. 

There’s nothing more exciting to me than having a sample of a product that I love. Well, I’m quickly becoming a fan day by day just from using these samples. These 2 are from the Look Natural line…. BBF (Best Face Forever) Exfoliating Daily Facewash…a plant -friendly exfoliation that’s gentle for everyday. Look Natural Night and Day facial moisturizer…the perfect anytime moisturizer. A light olive oil and aloe vera base is great for all skin types. Can’t wait to try this out. $21

Child, anything that deals with honey is definitely going to be used around me. This is a body mask…for dry, damage,  irritated skin…made from honey, sugar maple and lemon. Called…Muddy Honey !  $19 

All sun and Games Foot Scrub A white sand and sugar base, this mango scented foot scrub is packed with moisturizing jojoba oil, plum oil, and açaí fruit extract that helps gives you pedi soft, flip- flop ready feet. $24  

Totes Oats Face Calming Face and Body Mask A super soothing mask you can tote and use anywhere your skin needs a little love. Humectant honey moisturizes and helps heal micro tears while oatmeal and dweet almond oil nourish irritated skin that I have from time to time.  $22  

Black Listed Sugar & Blackberry Body Scrub Reveal nourished and brighter, tighter skin with this sugar based exfoliating body scrub, featuring hydrating honey, antioxidants blackberries, snd creamy milk, plus a blackberry and vanilla scent. $24

All I’ve Avo Wanted Face Mask Recently used this facial mask and it was creamy and melted right in to my skin. Skin felt very soft. Moisture mask that give the skin a soft, youthful,  brightened skin. Avocado pairs up with shea and cocoa butters to moisturize with a touch of milk for rejuvenation. $19

Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream Two To Tango non-greasy. Moisture in a big way. The luxurious combination of coconut oil, vitamin E, and apricot kernel oil that softens and soothes without feeling greasy. This exotic blend of tart citrus, spicy vanilla, and sweet fruit make Two To Tango. $

This is the sample that started me on my journey of perfectly posh…Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream in Beach Blanket The delicious scent of vanilla, coconut and tangy citrus is an intoxicating concoction that will leave your hands supersoft and full of yumminess. This has became my favorite. 

Snarky Bar You Apricaught Me! Is the newest bar…and it smells heavenly ☺ what is a snarky bar is a unique product…provides a very exfoliating experience- they have an aggressive scrub, which is what I like to refer to as “The Good Hurt.” Paired with Shea Butter, snarky bars are great for rough patches of skin. $16

Yep I find that these samples are well worth my funds and I truly believe this was a sign for me to join and share the products. If you have tried or is a Perfectly Posh Representative share your thoughts.

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