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Factory 7 Lux April 2017

Ready to dive in April’s box from Facetory? I live this company…testing 7 full size sheet masks for a low monthly price is great. You do have other choices if you want to try less masks. You have 3 boxes to choose from 

  • FOUR-ever FRESH $5.95 (Retail $12.95) $2.95 Shipping
  • SEVEN LUX $15.95 (Retail $25.95) $3.95 Shipping
  • MEN’S BOX $24.95 Free Shipping

Let’s take a look inside this box shall we.


  • Duft & Soft Pink Milk Mask
  • Shine K Super Food Berry Honey Mask 
  • SNP Jelly Vita Firming Tone Mask
  • Leaders Shining Effect Aquatoning Pearl Mask
  • The Art: Cell Aurora Pearl Mask
  • Dr. Jart Ceramidin
  • Frievita Aqua Gold Glow Mask

Pink package, pink sheet, pink essence, bright results. Quite possibly the possibly the most trending and popular mask in Korea at the moment, this slightly rose scented duft and doft mask has been chosen as the #1 mask favorite by glowpick consumer’s choice.

The sheet mask junkies at factory chose this Shine K Berry mask for being the best scented mask. Containing the yummiest raspberry scent I have ever came across. This is a mask to die for…with honey and raspberry extract.

brighten essence…who wouldn’t want to try this out! This SNP Jelly mask contains skin nourshing vitamin A and highly concentrated jelly essence that works to refreshingly penetrate nutrients deep into skin.

Anyone else love the holographic packaging on this mask? Once used, this mask will work to brighten and liven up the skin as intensely as it’s package shines! The main effect is to brighten the face with pearl powder.

From packaging to functions and even its ingredients, The Art: Cell centers themselves around the theme of a beautiful mermaid. The aurora pearl essence works to brighten dull complextions and gives a luminous glow.

Favorite”Dr” is back, this time with a completely upgraded image. This Dr. Jart mask is an ultra-moisturizing hypoallergenic mask made of natural fibers and ceramides. This nanoskin sheet mask is great for sensitive skin.

Snaged the latest release from Friebvital. This Aqua Gold mask not only contains real gold flakes sprinkled all throughout the mask, but also comes in a black sheet that models the adhesion if octopus tentacles (I personally don’t know how octopus tentacles feels) In addition, the 24k gold ingredient plays a vital role in purifying the skin, eliminating toxins, and providing that glow to create the appearance of bright and vibrant skin.

Super excited about this box and the 7 masks… They all sound yummy and has the benefit that my skin craves. For a low price, you are getting a lot. If you tried these masks please share your thoughts.

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