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Cackle Spackle Detoxifying Charcoal Face Mask

Good Morning!

I’m so tired…working long hours each can really take a toll on the body. And after a long work week, it’s time for a full on detoxification πŸ˜‰

This is where my favorite detoxing masks comes in. Introducing Perfectly Posh Cackle Spackle Detoxifying Face Mask.  I’ve fell in love πŸ’– with this mask after watching a video of another lady using it and what it did for and to her skin…so of course I had to order it.

I’ve tried other charcoal peel-off masks and they hurts like hell trying to take it off. So when I tried this it wasn’t anything like I thought, it was much better.  So cooling on my skin and smelled really good. This is what my skin needs.

This mask has naturally base ingredients which are good for and to the skin. Made with active charcoal powder is a wonderful way to deep clean skin. Removing these toxins helps skin stay looking elastic and fresh. And helps keep pores clean and clear. 

As a unique concoction of volcanic ash, charcoal, kaolin clay, and astringent spearmint to help deep clean, unclog pores, and remove free radical pollution from skin. Makes it a very good elimination mask. The cost of this mask is $19 which is much reasonable then paying $25-$30 for a really great detox mask.

Wanna try Cackle Spackle Detoxing mask go here πŸ‘‰ Cackle Spackle Detoxifying Face Mask

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