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Glossy Box June 2017Β 

Good Evening, Beauties πŸ’—

First, in my defense, so much has been going from moving and work, it’s been hard keeping up with my blogging. 

Hell, it’s been even harder to keep up with my beauty subscriptions as well. Took another job that takes up my off days while working my first job. 

All the while, subscription boxes are steadily adding up in my corner… like, what’s a girl too do when she doesn’t have the time or energy to open and test new products 😐

Well, now I’m moved in my new home (some what moved in) πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ and unpacking isn’t any fun either. As I was unpacking my boxes I came across my beauty boxes while putting them in order of month, and saw that I never did a post on my last couple of glossy boxes.

Since I have the time, now…is a better time than ever. June glossy box is all about welcoming summer. 🌞

I guess you can say this is our first taste of their tropical theme. I’m equally excited as you are to see what’s inside. Unfortunately, never got the chance to open when it came. I’m unveiling this box for the first time as I write this post. I love surprises and this definitely counts as a surprise πŸ˜‰

Lookie lookie, we have some neat products and I live argan oil…see, found something good. Can’t wait to dig in and check everything out. Are you liking so far? I am.

 The Cream Shop The OMG Brush the craze over these brushes has bee insane! I personally love these brushes for their exceptional quality and performance. Time to try them for yourself.
With more than 5x the number of fibers than a conventional brush, this revolutionary tool applies makeup with complete control and fluidity for flawless finish.

 Bang Beauty Color Cream this multi use product is perfect when applied to eyes, lips, and cheeks. It can be used as a base for your eyeshadow, or use it alone. The shade of this beauty is called Dolce Pink.

Can also be used as a blush, or a highlighter. It’s both vegan cruelty-free…we live this.πŸ’–

 Julep Lip Oil Treatment a healing blend of lip-loving oils formulated for weightless, wear all day comfort. Super shine and zero stickiness are boosted by a sheer tint of color or clear for au natural.

These next two products were specially curated for me by the beauty team. 

Collagenesis Daily Defense SPF 30 protecting your skin from the Ray’s is of the utmost importance during the summer.

Inoar Argan Treatment Oil this oil has the benefits to create extraordinary shine, condition the hair, and protect it from harsh elements.

June box isn’t all that bad and I found a few favorites to add too my collection. What’s your thoughts on the June glossy box.

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